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We turn raw data from all of your different softwares, spreadsheets, and databases into valuable insights. Insights that allow you to make better, faster decisions, anytime, anywhere.

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Frequent Questions

Here are the most frequent questions we receive. If you have another question, just shoot us an email.

Like most companies, the pricing depends on several things from # of data sources, the complexity of the data sources (Excel is much easier to connect than a software), the number of dashboards required, etc.

With that being said, you are here to look for a price, and we have built dashboards for more than $50k and as little as $6,500.

Before taking on a project, if you were looking to do this in house, you can see the salary range of a PowerBI developer here.

*We will not take on any projects unless we can add a minimum of 4x ROI (based on your calculations).*

We help companies automate their reports and build dashboards using Microsoft’s PowerBI and Excel.

We connect the necessary data sources to build the real time reports and give insights into the data.

If a member of your team understands the DAX language of PowerBI, then the files can be transferred and maintained by your team.

If your team needs help maintaining the data connections, analytics, and insights, then we do have a monthly fee, and it is calculated by the number of data sources, not visualizations.

There are many different types of dashboards from sales tracking, to social media, to call center data. There are then industry specific dashboards like insurance dashboards, banking dashboards, healthcare dashboards, etc. To view some sample dashboards, click any of the links below:

Sales KPI Dashboard

Insurance KPI Dashboard

Social Media Dashboard

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