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About The Client

This client is one of the largest Title Insurance companies in Florida that has 9 portfolio title companies and comprises of 26 locations. Doing an annual turnover of ~$40mm, they were looking for insights such as:

  • Competitor Analysis
  • Market Analysis
  • Heat Maps Using PowerBI To Analyze Market Trends
  • Open Orders Vs. Close Orders
  • Sales Person Performance
  • Escrow Officer Performance
  • Customer Analysis
  • Realtor Analysis (deal flow comes from realtors)
  • Real Time Updates

Key Strategies Implemented

  1. This client is a subsidiary of the largest Title Company in America and all of their data was stored in custom softwares, so exporting the data and analyzing it was via CSV files.
  2. From here, we worked closely with the president to find the exact insights and KPIs they were looking for
  3. The main thing here was to use heatmaps with PowerBI to analyze the trends of orders and the trends of market growth rates
  4.  The final steps were to visualize the data and create automated reports using PowerBI and Excel (VBA)
  5.  By using a cloud based solution, the reports are up to date and easily shared amongst individuals and/or stakeholders 

10,000+ Deals Analyzed Per Year

300+ Hours Saved Annually By Automating Reports

9.8x ROI From Our Fees Based On Time Savings And Insights Gained

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