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About The Client

This client is a cattle feedlot that has an annual turnover of 80,000+ head of cattle, worth roughly $100mm. As you can imagine, they have tons of data and needed some help finding insights into things like:

  • Expense tracking
  • Feed Optimization
  • Health Performance
  • Forecasting Ready Times
  • Breakdown by Owner
  • Cost of Gain
  • Average Daily Gain
  • Pen utilization rates
  • Hedge Ratios
  • Analyze Predictions Vs. Actuals

Key Strategies Implemented

  1. The main strategy here was to export their raw data and then normalize and store it in a database and connect Excel
  2. From here, we worked closely with the CEO to find the exact insights and KPIs they were looking for
  3. Once learning the insights required, we used advanced data modeling techniques to bring those insights to life
  4. The final steps were to visualize the data and creating automated reports using PowerBI and Excel (VBA)
  5. By using a cloud based solution, the reports are up to date and easily shared amongst individuals and/or stakeholders 

80,000+ Cattle Analyzed Per Year

98% Reduction In Manual Input Errors

12.6x ROI From Our Fees

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